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Was attack on NY cops sparked by radicals?
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Washington monitoring Canada shootings
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'Mission creep' on Ebola, ISIS
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Zellweger's brow-raising look
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Disney to introduce new heroine
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Broncos top Chargers as Sanders grabs 3 TDs
Broncos top Chargers as Sanders grabs 3 TDs
Source: Chara injures knee, out 4-6 weeks
Lakers' Nash out for season with back injury
Cutler: Marshall's theatrics understandable
Urlacher: Cutler an elite QB in salary only
Sources: Syracuse to face NCAA Oct. 30-31
Source: Ex-judge to conduct Winston hearing
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Michigan to drop price of student tickets in '15
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Frazier still supportive of Peterson, Harvin
New Titans QB Mettenberger: 'My team now'
Sources: Broncos table talks with Thomases
Miami steamrolls fumble-prone Virginia Tech
No. 18 East Carolina holds off upstart UConn
Sources: Syracuse to face NCAA Oct. 30-31
Chancellor: UNC fraud 'compounded by inaction'
Source: Ex-judge to conduct Winston hearing
A&M replaces Ore. with Clemson for 2018-19
Michigan to drop price of student tickets in '15
College Football Minute
Northwestern CB White quits due to health
Judge questions $75M concussion settlement
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